The Slippers

Well, as every crafter knows, you win some and you lose some. Last weekend I lost some…twice. I found this adorable pattern for crocheted Slippers in a magazine and I thought I’d whip up a pair for my friend for Christmas.

Attempt #1:

It looks like it’s going quite well…until I give you a benchmark to gauge it by:

No, these slippers are not meant for a child (The pattern says size 6-9). And no, I do not have giant feet (the shoes are size 7!) I realized pretty quickly there was something wrong.

So I abandoned that wee, little slipper and adjusted my hook and the number of stitches in the first chain and tried again. I was a little bit over-zealous with my adjustments:

Please excuse the mess and ghostly white foot.

I wish I could say that, like Goldilocks, I finally got a slipper that was just right, but I did not. To be honest I ran out of gray yarn and patience. Does anyone know a on legged woman with a size 25 foot? I’ve got just the Christmas present for her.