Kindle Covered

I bought a Kindle at the beginning of the summer and read an more books on it than I care to admit. So far I’ve just been throwing in my purse to take it to the coffee shop or for waiting at the Tire store. I wasn’t willing to spend $50 on a cover, but I also didn’t want my beloved Kindle to be damaged! So I decided to crochet a sleeve for it!

I added a magnetic button and flower to disguise it:

I adapted the pattern from these two patterns that I found online here and here.

Kindle Cover Directions:

  1. Make a chain that is slightly shorter then the width of the Kindle.
  2. 1 Single crochet (sc) in second chain from hook, 1 sc in each stitch across, 2sc in last stitch.
    DO NOT turn your work.
  3. Going around the other side of the original chain,  2sc in first stitch, 1sc in each stitch across, 2sc in last stitch.
  4. Keep doing step 3, only increasing at the end, until it fits the bottom of your Kindle snugly
  5. Keep single crocheting in each stitch until it covers your Kindle.
  6. To make the flap start crocheting back and forth rather than in the round until your flap is the right length.
  7. Add a magnetic button:
I used this crochet pattern to make the flower to cover the button

Happy Hooking…and Reading!


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