Can’t get enough Harry Potter t-shirts

In case you haven’t figured it out, I L-O-V-E Harry Potter. As you saw I made a t-shirt for my friend’s birthday and that same weekend I made a t-shirt just for fun (for me :). This t-shirt features the characters from Harry Potter Puppet Pals. What?! You haven’t seen it? Well here you go:

When you are done laughing hysterically, check out the adorable (*cough* if I do say so myself) t-shirt!

I had this green t-shirt in my drawer that I never wear, so I decided to transform it into something magical. Here it is up close:

I used my Silhouette to create the image from this cartoon I found: Potter Puppet Pals Design by OntheMurderScene. Here is the PNG file if you want to cut out your own: Harry Potter Puppet PalsI will admit this design was very tricky to transfer to the t-shirt and it was too intricate for freezer paper and I had to resort to vinyl to make my stencil, but it worked out in the end! I just used fabric paint (the puffy kind you get in the little bottle) and a sponge brush to dab on the paint. I truly hope that I have strangers that quote this video to me in public…that would really make my day!



Last Sunday I posted my crocheted bag in progress…today I finished it. Here she is:

I got the idea from Pinterest…I have 39 pins on my “Crochet” board and now I’ve made FOUR (4) of them!! I think that’s pretty good! I got this idea from Attic24, you can find the pattern here: Crochet Bag Pattern. I highly encourage you to check out Lucy’s blog, I think I’ve pinned about 10 of her crochet projects! I wish I was crafty enough to create my own patterns…maybe someday!

I started out crocheting in the round and just switched colors each row….it got a little bit tedious, but I love how it turned out! The bag’s top opening measures 18 inches! If I was to make this bag again I would stop increasing the circle earlier so that it would be a little smaller! The whole bag is double crocheted, except the handles which are single crocheted.

Lucy fits perfectly in this bag! She didn’t seem to mind when I traipsed around the house with her in it to show it off 🙂

Here’s an up close view of the stripes. Don’t you love the colors? So fun.

Here is a picture of the handle. I did one row of each color in a single crochet, then went all the way around in the last color (in this case brown) to give it a finished look. I sewed it to the bag using brown yarn which blends in nicely.

There was no one around to take my picture with the bag (except Lucy!) so I resorted to the self portrait in the mirror.  This gives you a good visual for how big the bag is! I think I’m going to use it to tote around my craft projects.

Isn’t that the cutest iPhone cover ever? I’m sad because it is starting to wear out and I can’t find one I like nearly as well. I ordered a crystal clear one and I’m thinking about using scrap paper to make my own, but that’s another story…


Work in progress

This blog is mainly to showcase finished things that I make….but this is just too cute. This evening I was watching a little Harry Potter while trying to finish a striped crochet bag that I have been working on all fall. As I worked Lucy, the cat, comes and parks herself right in front of the computer and sits there watching the movie until the end. Of course, I had to whip out my camera and snap a few pics:

The bag so far. It is going to be an oversized shoulder bag that I plan to use for transporting crafts 🙂

Close up of the fabric. This is literally just a double crocheted stripe…easy, great for evening TV Harry Potter watching.

Unless I got her attention, she sat glued to the action!

One more for the road…because she’s so cute.

I’m no artist, but…

I’m no artist, but…sometimes I like to pretend! I threw a bridal shower for my best friend, Laura, this summer and we decided to have a craft be one of the activities. I bought ceramic tiles from Menards for $0.19 each and some Ceramic Paint Pens and each guest made a coaster for the Bride-to-Be. Cute, cute, cute!

I had purchased enough tiles for everyone to have two (in case of mistakes!) but no one needed their extras so I had lots left over–here’s what happened when I pretended to be an artist:

Put a few felt pads on the bottom and you have some one-of-a-kind coasters all ready to go!

Duh, it’s a hedgehog!

This winter I am determined to learn to sew. I’ve attempted a quilt and I can sew in a straight line, but I want to really learn how to sew. When I attempted a sewing project this summer I realized that our pin cushion had inexplicably disappeared! I saw this project on Pinterest and just had to try it out:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


I got the pattern from the Cult of Crochet here. It took me a few hours to whip mine up…my hedgehog’s nose needs a little work, but it does the job!

Here’s mine…when my mom saw it she said, “What animal is that exactly?”

“Duh! It’s a hedgehog!”





Kindle Covered

I bought a Kindle at the beginning of the summer and read an more books on it than I care to admit. So far I’ve just been throwing in my purse to take it to the coffee shop or for waiting at the Tire store. I wasn’t willing to spend $50 on a cover, but I also didn’t want my beloved Kindle to be damaged! So I decided to crochet a sleeve for it!

I added a magnetic button and flower to disguise it:

I adapted the pattern from these two patterns that I found online here and here.

Kindle Cover Directions:

  1. Make a chain that is slightly shorter then the width of the Kindle.
  2. 1 Single crochet (sc) in second chain from hook, 1 sc in each stitch across, 2sc in last stitch.
    DO NOT turn your work.
  3. Going around the other side of the original chain,  2sc in first stitch, 1sc in each stitch across, 2sc in last stitch.
  4. Keep doing step 3, only increasing at the end, until it fits the bottom of your Kindle snugly
  5. Keep single crocheting in each stitch until it covers your Kindle.
  6. To make the flap start crocheting back and forth rather than in the round until your flap is the right length.
  7. Add a magnetic button:
I used this crochet pattern to make the flower to cover the button

Happy Hooking…and Reading!